Netgear RAX70 Router Has Been Blocking WhatsApp

Netgear RAX70 Router Has Been Blocking WhatsApp And PS5?

The whole reason why users prefer to set up the Netgear RAX70 wireless router in their homes is so that they can use applications or gaming consoles with ease. However, in case that is exactly what they fail to do, then the question which clouds their heads is just one, i.e. what was the point of setting up the RAX70 router?

Have you also been unable to access internet on certain apps or consoles like WhatsApp and PS5? No problem. This blog post will provide you with every troubleshooting tip that is worth giving a shot to. Given this, take their help and learn how to resolve the Netgear RAX70 router has been blocking WhatsApp and PS5 access to internet issue.

How to Stop Netgear RAX70 from Blocking Internet Access?

Here are the questions which you need to ask yourself. In case the answer is not in your favor, you can read and implement the solution provided below it.

1. Is the Router Firmware Updated?

Do you recall the last time you upgraded the firmware of your Netgear wireless router to the latest version? No? Well, in that case, you should not think twice prior to executing the process. For this, you need to log in to the Netgear router with the aid of the routerlogin credentials, access the dashboard, select Settings > Firmware Update. At last, you ought to go through the on-screen instructions.

In case you did upgrade the Netgear RAX70 router firmware, but despite that, you are a victim of the issue at hand, then it could be because you downloaded the wrong version. To take care of the problem, try to update the firmware but this time, ensure that the correct one is installed. Make sure that you enter the right model number in the required field. Once done, see whether WhatsApp and PS5 have started receiving internet access.

2. Does Your RAX70 Router Need Rest?

Considering you have to ask this question from yourself, it means that the Netgear RAX70 router has been blocking WhatsApp and PS5 access to internet issue is still troubling you. In this situation, you should reconsider giving your device rest. Perhaps, it has overheated either after being used a lot or because it has been placed under direct sunlight for a long time. Whatever the reason may be, you can help it to rest by rebooting it.

For this, you ought to locate the power button on the router. To find its location, it is recommended that you refer to the user manual of your networking device. The use and location of different buttons and LED lights has been explained there and that too with figures. Once you have found the button, press it and wait for some time. When you feel that your device has gotten enough rest, turn it on by pressing the same button.

3. Did You Install the Router Properly?

The last reason why the Netgear RAX70 router has been blocking WhatsApp and PS5 access to internet issue is bothering you, it could be because you were not careful while setting up your networking device. Either you followed the wrong instructions or perhaps, you messed up at the end of the process. It might have gotten completed, but not properly. In case you agree with what we are saying, then do what is said in the following paragraph.

Reconfigure your networking device. The same can be done if you use the manual method. In case you would rather set up your Netgear router using your mobile device, then first download the Nighthawk app, sign in, and go through the prompts given. And you are done. Now, we are hoping that your Netgear wireless router will be able to provide internet or WiFi access to WhatsApp and PS5 console.

Wrap Up

Not being able to use the apps or consoles for which the RAX70 was installed can be troublesome, as mentioned before. Here is to hope that the Netgear RAX70 router has been blocking WhatsApp and PS5 access to internet issue has been successfully resolved by you with the aid of the troubleshooting solutions given above. Now, you are free to have internet access on any application that you want to.

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