Admin Login is an IP address that Netgear WiFi routers use as an access point or gateway. Using the Netgear router default IP, you can gain router admin access and configure your router’s settings as per your requirements. default IP address is also known as the host address.

How to Login to

Here are the do-follow steps to access the router’s admin login page using the Netgear default IP

  1. Once your PC turns on, load up an internet browser by double-clicking on it.
  2. In the address bar, type or simply and press the Enter key.
  3. As soon as you see the admin login window, insert the user ID and password into the given boxes.
  4. Click the Log In button.

Cheers! You have logged in to the WiFi router admin login page using the Netgear default IP

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Netgear Router Default IP Not Working? – the Netgear router default IP address falls in the category of the private IPv4 address range, i.e. to This IP can be reached through the public internet.

Generally, when users type the Netgear default IP in the address bar, they get redirected to the Netgear router’s configuration page. But at times, most people use the wrong IP due to human error or perhaps because of auto-correct suggestions. They end up typing 192.168.I.1 rather than the actual one, i.e.

As 1 and I appear quite the same, so when users read the Netgear router IP from the box, they tend to swap the two. So, let’s first tell you what are mistakenly typed IP entries:

  • 192.168.1.I
  • 192.168.I.1
  • 192.168.I.I
  • www.

All of the above-mentioned entries are incorrect. The correct ones are:


So, that was all about typing errors while entering the Netgear default IP address. Now, let’s talk about other possible reasons and troubleshooting tips to resolve the not working error:

  1. Maybe your Netgear router and modem are connected to each other through a damaged Ethernet cable. So, ensure that the cable you use is not damaged or faulty.
  2. The router should receive a fluctuation-free power supply.
  3. In the event that there is a firewall enabled on your computer, it may prevent you from accessing your Netgear default IP So, it is suggested to temporarily disable it and then try to access the Netgear router login IP again.
  4. Using an outdated web browser version may also lead you to the ‘ not working’ error. Therefore, keep in mind to use an updated web browser.
  5. If your browser is accumulated with junk files, cache, cookies, and browsing history, delete them first and then try accessing the Netgear router admin login page using the IP.

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Forgot Netgear Router IP Username and Password?

On the off chance if you have lost or forgotten the user ID and password to access the Netgear router IP, the below-given troubleshooting steps will help you out:

  • Be sure that your Netgear WiFi router is turned on.
  • Press the Reset button.
  • Let your Netgear router reset to the default factory settings.
  • Now, your Netgear wireless router reboots.
  • Open your preferred internet browser on your PC.
  • Access the Netgear router default IP page.
  • Next, enter the default admin username and passphrase.
  • Hit the Log In button.

Kudos! You can now change the user ID and password to access the Netgear router IP. In case you get stuck at any step, feel free to reach out to our veteran experts.

Test Your Network Connectivity with Ping not working issue can also occur due to poor internet connectivity. To test the connectivity on your IP, you can use the ping Using this network administration utility, you can also measure the delay between your devices. For testing the network connectivity using ping, follow the steps below:

  • Open the Command Prompt on your computer or laptop.
  • Navigate to the Start button and enter “cmd” in the field given.
  • As soon as you press the Enter key, the Command Prompt will open on your system’s screen.
  • Now type ping and press the Enter key to run the command.
  • Doing so will show you various results. From where you can get to know about whether there is any flaw with the connectivity of your network or not.

This is how the ping test can be executed to check the network connectivity.

How to Perform login?

You can also log in to your router using the login IP address. However, keep in mind to use the IP address for login correctly and without any typos.

Walk through the steps below to know how to do login:

  • is the default IP address that is used to access the login page of your WiFi router. By typing the IP address in the address field of your web browser, you can get access to the login page with ease.
  • Once there, enter your router’s username and password in the fields given and hit Continue to proceed further.
  • If you are not sure of your router’s credentials, get in touch with our experts for quick help. They will help you get success with login.
  • Or, you can reset your router to the default settings and configure the device again to get login success.

This is how you can perform login.

How to Login to Router via

Sometimes, users face issues while accessing the login page and getting success with the router login process. If you are also in the same situation and unable to access the login page, here’s one more solution.

Try to log in to your router using Yes, can also be used as a default IP to access the router login page. For this, all you need to do is, enter the IP address in the web address bar of your internet browser and there you are.

As soon as you press the Enter key after typing the IP address, you will land on the router login page. Reaching here, simply enter your login credentials to access the dashboard of your WiFi router.

It is expected that using IP or accessing the login page, you will now be able to make the most of your WiFi device. In case you get any troubles while using the IP or accessing the login page, get in touch with our proficient team of technicians who are 24×7 available to help you.


Ques 1: Why is my Netgear router throwing weak WiFi signals?
Ans: There are plenty of reasons due to which the Netgear router fails to perform up to the mark. Whatever the reason may be, the following tips will help you improve the internet speed of your Netgear router:

  1. Place the Netgear router within the borderline of the WiFi range of the existing modem.
  2. Make sure that the router is not located in a zone filled with WiFi interference.
  3. Change the WiFi channel of the Netgear router.
  4. Keep the firmware of your router updated.
  5. Change the MTU settings of the Netgear WiFi router.

Ques 2: Netgear router lights not turning on. What to do?
Ans: The lights on the Netgear router might not turn on if the WiFi device is getting a fluctuating electricity. In that scenario, check whether the wall outlet used to power up your Netgear router is working or not. If it is not working, get it repaired or consider using another wall outlet. You can also use a UPS if your area suffers from power outages.

Ques 3: Why is my Netgear router not showing WiFi?
Ans: You might not be able to see the Netgear router WiFi name on your client devices due to a weak connection between your router and the modem. Apart from that, an outdated firmware of the router can also create a problem. So, implement the following hacks in order to do away with the issue:

  1. Create a hardwired connection between your Netgear router and the existing modem.
  2. Ensure that the WiFi signals of your router are not getting interfered.
  3. Consider updating your router’s firmware by accessing the Netgear Genie dashboard using the router’s default IP.
  4. Check if the wireless channel on which your Netgear router is operating is overcrowded. If yes, then select the least crowded channel.

If you’re unable to resolve the issue after following the aforementioned tips, ping our experts for immediate help.

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