How to Connect Netgear Router to Xfinity Modem

How to Connect Netgear Router to Xfinity Modem: Step-by-Step

People generally find it an ordeal to connect their Netgear routers to Xfinity modems. Are you also one of them? If yes, then we can help you out. With the help of this blog, we will try to provide you with the instructions that can help you connect both devices without much effort. So, can we start explaining how to connect Netgear router to Xfinity modem? Let’s get going.

How to Connect Netgear Router to Xfinity Modem?

Whether you ask how to set up Netgear router with Xfinity modem or ask about their connection, the steps mentioned below will remain the same. Keep in mind that the process will require you to access the IP that is the default gateway to access the router’s web panel. Here’s what you need to do in order to get things done:

1. Join LAN and WAN Ports

The first step to connect Netgear router with an Xfinity modem involves powering them off if they are in a working state. After that, you need to pick an Ethernet cable and use it to join the LAN1 port of your Xfinity modem and WAN port of the Netgear router. For your information, the Internet port of the Netgear router is known as the WAN port and it is generally yellow or blue in color.

Note: You are supposed to join the LAN and WAN ports of your devices with the help of an intact cable. Using a damaged cable will result in a failed connection process. Also, be sure that you have created a finger-tight connection. And yes, do not forget to ensure that the Ethernet ports of your devices are in a working state.

2. Switch On Your Devices

As soon as you are sure that the connection between your devices is stable, you can move forward to power them up. Note that you have to follow a particular sequence. Powering up the Xfinity modem before the Netgear router is recommended. You can switch on your Netgear router after the power light on your modem becomes stable.

3. Connect Computer to Router

The next is to add the computer to the Netgear router’s network. This is the computer that you will use to complete the connection process between your Netgear router and the Xfinity modem. For connection, open Internet Settings on your computer and join the WiFi network that belongs to your Netgear router.

Quick Tip: For network name and password of Netgear router, refer to the product label. This is to inform you that these are the default values of SSID and WiFi password. You cannot use them if the Netgear router is not flaunting the default settings. Hence, all your knowledge about how to connect Netgear router to Xfinity modem will fail if you don’t reset the router before connection.

4. Visit or

Load an internet browser now and move towards its address bar. There, type in the address or the IP address. Upon pressing Enter, you will be taken to a screen that will detect whether any other router is present on the network or not. It will also check for an active internet connection. Thereafter, you will be asked to choose the working mode for your Netgear router.

5. Assign Admin Password and Customize Settings

On the next screen, you will be prompted to create an administration password for the router. No matter whether you are setting up an ordinary Netgear router or a Nighthawk Pro Gaming router, this step will remain the same. Be sure that you create a strong admin password for your router. Also, answer the security questions so that you can recover the password in case you forget it in the future. After that, customize other settings to complete learning how to connect Netgear router to Xfinity modem.

Note: When it comes to customizing the settings of a Netgear router during the setup process, they include WiFi password and SSID, updating the firmware, setting up Parental Controls, etc.

The Final Words

Our guide explaining how to connect Netgear router to Xfinity modem is about to end now. We hope that you have learned the process and will be able to execute it in the real time. After the connection process, all you will have to do is connect your wireless clients to the Netgear router network to enjoy the internet connection.

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