How to Enable QoS on Nighthawk Pro Gaming Router

Quality of Service, also known as QoS, is a Netgear router feature that helps you prioritize internet bandwidth for different uses. This avoids traffic congestion when different network demands are competing for limited internet bandwidth. Netgear Nighthawk Pro gaming routers allow you to use QoS in allocating internet bandwidth to particular devices on the WiFi. What is QoS and how to enable QoS on the Nighthawk Pro gaming router? If similar queries are going around in your mind, then continue reading further and find the answers.

What is Quality of Service?

QoS is a feature that when enabled on Netgear routers, lets you prioritize different internet traffic or services. Imagine a situation: You have an important video call to attend and while you just started the call, it dropped. What happened? Your family member in the other room is downloading a heavy file from the internet. Network traffic congestion happened and thus the call disconnected. Isn’t it a possible situation? Yes, it indeed is. Here QoS comes into the picture. What will happen if you enable QoS on your Netgear router?

Enabling QoS will allow you to prioritize traffic for specific services or specific devices. Thus if you stream a lot of heavy video files, or play a lot of online games, then use QoS to prioritize your online streaming or gaming. The result will be performance enhancement for important online activities and a little waiting time for less important tasks.

Enable QoS on Nighthawk Pro Gaming Router

By default, the Nighthawk router, prioritize network bandwidth for activities demanding high bandwidth like online gaming. Let us now tell you how to prioritize network traffic QoS manually on your Nighthawk Pro gaming router if you want certain online activities to be prioritized to avoid network congestion. For this, you need to access the Nighthawk router’s web-based interface using The process is mentioned below:

Steps to Enable QoS

  1. Begin by connecting your Nighthawk Pro gaming router to an active power source.
  2. Turn the power button on.
  3. Wait till the lights settle.
  4. Use a PC that is accessing high-speed WiFi in your home and launch a web browser.
  5. Visit the Nighthawk router login web address by typing it into the URL bar of the browser and pressing Enter.
  6. Input the router user name and password when prompted to do so. Please know that you can use the default credentials if you have changed them.
  7. Clicking on the Log In button opens the door to the Nighthawk Pro gaming router’s web–based interface.
  8. Clicking on the QoS option will display the QoS page for you. On the Bandwidth Allocation pane, you will find a graph showing the devices or types of applications on router WiFi. By default, every device and application is allocated an equal router bandwidth share.
  9. You can allocate router bandwidth on the Bandwidth Allocation pane. Here is what you need to do.
    • Select the radio button labeled Download which is above the graph by clicking on it.
    • The Bandwidth Allocation- Download pane will display.
    • By moving the device’s white circle to the bandwidth amount that you want, allocate the bandwidth to that device. The download % in the white circle of the device changes as you move the circle.
    • Click on the Update Distribution button. This will bring the allocated download bandwidth changes into effect.

    Note: If you are allocating 100% of bandwidth to a device or application type, then other devices or application types will be disabled. The same is the case when you select 0%, the particular device or application type gets disabled completely.

  10. Now, to allocate upload bandwidth, you need to select the Upload radio button which will also be found above the graph.
  11. You now need to repeat the same steps as above.
  12. To prioritize traffic, you need to click on Add Device in the Traffic Prioritization section.
  13. Select the device and click on Done. The settings changes done by you are saved.

There you go! This is how you enable QoS on your Netgear Nighthawk Pro gaming router.

In a Nutshell

This is all about what QoS is and how to enable QoS on a Netgear Nighthawk Pro gaming router. We are sure there will be no more network congestion as you know how to deal with it. Although, the steps are clear and concise if you find yourself stuck somewhere while performing them, getting in touch with our expert team will help you.

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