Connect Netgear router to ATT Uverse

How to Connect Netgear Router to ATT Uverse Modem [2024]

Are you looking forward to connect your ATT Uverse modem and the Netgear router to improve the internet coverage in your house? Yes? We’ve got you covered then. This blog houses everything you need to know in order to connect Netgear router to ATT Uverse modem. For your information, AT&T Uverse is one of the best internet services in USA and other countries. It is popular for fabricating WiFi routers and modems too. Keep reading.

Basic Requirements [Before Combining ATT Modem and Router]

No process can be completed until you fulfill a few prerequisites. The same is the case with the process of connection between your ATT modem and the Netgear router. We want to tell you that Netgear router setup process needs to be done again via the IP address in order to complete the connection process. Given below are the prerequisites that you must fulfill to create a connection between AT&T and the Netgear router.

1. An Ethernet Cable: Get yourself a Cat 6 cable first. You are also free to take the aid of a cable that offers higher data transmission rate. It will make it possible for you to initiate the connection. But, make sure that the one you pick for the process is free of damages.

2. A Computer: After creating the initial connection, the rest of the process of connecting Netgear router to ATT Uverse modem will be carried out via a web browser. Therefore, make sure that you have access to a computer. A laptop will also help you out in case the PC is not there.

These were same basic requirements that you need to fulfill before connecting your Netgear router to AT&T Uverse modem. But, let’s not forget the most important thing. Your router must be running on the default factory settings before you head over to connect it to the AT&T modem.

Why to Reset Netgear Router Before Connection with ATT Uverse?

There are chances that the router will try to pick settings from your previous modem. But, know that, a factory default reset is not required if you are attempting to connect a brand new Netgear router to the AT&T Uverse modem.

How to Connect Netgear Router to AT&T Modem?

Done with the Netgear router reset process? If yes, then you are all set to complete the connection (setup) process. We suggest you power down your WiFi devices before following the steps given below and wait for 10 minutes. Once done, give a shot at the following instructions for connecting Netgear router to ATT modem:

  • Using an Ethernet cable join the LAN1 port of your AT&T Uverse and the router’s Internet jack.
  • Thereafter, turn on your Uverse modem.
  • Time to power up the Netgear router! Do it using an up and running power outlet near modem.
  • Switch on your computer/laptop and connect it to the Netgear router.

Note: You can take the help of an RJ45 LAN cable for connecting your PC to the router. Or there’s an option of using a WiFi connection. For that, use the router’s label to know about the WiFi name (SSID) and network key (WiFi password) of your router.

  • Input the IP address of your Netgear router into the URL bar after opening an internet browser.
  • Your router will now check if there is any other router present in the home network.
  • This is the time when the internet connection will be checked.
  • Choose the operating mode for your Netgear router after getting connected with ATT Uverse.
  • You are suggested to set up the router manually. Choose the option that says the same.
  • Assign an admin password to your router and answer the security questions.

netgear router login

  • You must skip the firmware update process for now.
  • Customize the router’s settings and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Lastly, you will see the BASIC Home screen that will display the Connected message.
  • The process of connecting Netgear router to ATT modem ends here.

The Concluding Message

Connecting Netgear router to ATT Uverse modem is not a difficult task. You only have to reset the wireless router to its default settings and perform Netgear router setup from scratch. However, after you are done with the same, do not forget to change the routerlogin credentials and updating the router’s firmware. It will improve the home network security.

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