Why is Netgear Router Not Connecting to Internet After Reset?

A few days back, a Netgear router user reported an issue related to their Netgear router. The issue was like “Netgear router does not connect to the internet after the reset process.” The problem seems serious, however, our team was able to resolve it in a matter of minutes. With the help of the same team, we decided to jot down a blog comprising of the troubleshooting hacks that were harnessed to resolve the Netgear router not connecting to internet after reset issue. In case, you are here looking for the best solution to a similar problem, then your search ends here finally. Walk through the hacks given here, follow them, and do away with the problem in a jiffy.

Netgear Router Not Connecting to Internet After Reset[Fixes]

In this section, we are going to tell you about the fixes to your issue. But along with that, we have also highlighted the possible causes of why you are facing Netgear router not connecting to internet after reset issue.

Cause 1: Technical Glitches

Let us begin with some easy and simple troubleshooting tips first. Minor and temporary technical glitches are common with technical devices. These glitches affect the performance of the Netgear router as well. Perhaps, due to power outages or sudden internet disconnections, your router is troubled by these temporary hiccups.

Rebooting works wonders in eliminating these hiccups from the technical devices. So, reboot your router right away without thinking much about it.

Powering the router off and powering it on only after giving some waiting time in between will reboot your Netgear router.

Do you see the issue getting resolved with this? If no is your answer then trying the next hack is suggested.

Cause 2: No Internet from ISP

Check with your internet service provider to confirm about any internet issue from his end. This could also be the reason why your Netgear router not connecting to internet after reset. When the faulty internet issue gets resolved, then try to connect your Netgear router to the internet. Try to access the routerlogin page via routerlogin.net and see if it works or not.

Cause 3: Faulty Cables

Perhaps the cables connected to the Netgear router are flawed. Broken and damaged cables may be the reason for your Netgear router not connecting to the internet.

Take a good look at the entire length of the Ethernet as well as the power cable. If you see any damage or cuts on them, then get them replaced right away.

One more thing that you need to verify is that the cables should be connected tightly. No loose connections are allowed. The Ethernet ports should also be working fine. Try connecting the Ethernet cable to alternative ports on the router and modem.

Cause 4: The Device is Not Reset Properly

There is a possibility that you haven’t performed the reset process incorrectly. If the Netgear router has not been reset then you are going to face issues connecting it to internet. We want you to try to reset it once again. This time make sure that you follow the correct steps to get the job done. For your convenience, we have also given the reset steps below:

  • Ensure that your Netgear router is disconnected from the modem.
  • Turn it on by plugging it into an active wall outlet.
  • Find a button named Reset on it.
  • Upon finding it, push it gently.

This way, you can reset your Netgear router in an easy way.

After this, you should set it up again and we hope you are no longer getting the same Netgear router not connecting to internet after reset issue.

Wrapping Up

With this, we put a full stop to our helpful troubleshooting guide about what to do if the Netgear router not connecting to internet after reset. We are anticipating that you are completely out of the mess that you were stuck with. You should now consider updating the firmware on your router to enhance its performance as well as avoid certain issues with it.

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