Fix Netgear R6700AX Streaming

Quick Solutions to Fix Netgear R6700AX Streaming Issues

Many users these days have complained about facing streaming issues with their Netgear R6700AX WiFi routers. In case you are also an owner of the same router and are facing similar issues while using it, this post will be of great help to you. Here, we have summed up a few techniques that will help you recover the performance of your wireless router. However, before implementing any of them, consider upgrading the router’s firmware via It is because firmware controls the overall performance of a Nighthawk device. Check out the next section to learn how the firmware update process for the R6700AX router can be initiated.

Steps to Initiate Netgear R6700AX Firmware Update

You need to download the firmware file for your router first. Therefore, visit Netgear Download Center on a web browser and download the latest firmware version for your Nighthawk R6700AX router. Once done, save the file at an easily accessible location on your PC. After that, follow the steps given below:

  • Open a new tab on a browser and access
  • When prompted to log in, use the valid username and password.
  • You will reach the R6700AX router’s Status page.
  • Now, select the Administration option under the Advanced section.
  • After that, click Router Update or Firmware Update.
  • Select Browse, locate the R6700AX router’s firmware file, and hit Upload.

The moment you select Upload, the firmware of your router will start getting upgraded and the process will get completed in a few minutes. You are suggested to wait patiently. Apart from this, stop disconnecting the router from the power socket or the modem. In case you are still struggling with streaming issues, consider walking through the tips given in the next section.

Solutions: Netgear R6700AX Streaming Issues

Check LAN Cable Connection

Have a good look at the LAN cable through which your R6700AX WiFi router and modem are connected. Is it in perfect condition? No? In that case, you are suggested to get it replaced with a new one. Apart from this, you must make sure that the connection is finger-tight and that the LAN ports of your devices are clean. Furthermore, be very certain that the cable is connected to the correct ports of your WiFi devices.

Change the WiFi Channel

Sometimes, streaming issues with Nighthawk devices arise because of a congested WiFi channel selection. For your information, a WiFi signal struggles to pass through a congested wireless channel, and hence issues similar to the one you are facing arise. To get the problem resolved, you are suggested to switch to another WiFi channel, especially the non-congested one. You need to access the router’s dashboard for the same.

Remove Signal Interference

Switching to a non-congested channel will be of no use if your WiFi router is surrounded by factors creating signal interference. This is to inform you that the signals emitted by the router are likely to get affected by the presence of reflexive surfaces, metal objects, heavy electronic appliances, and objects containing a large amount of water. Therefore, you need to make sure that no such device or object is placed near your Netgear R6700AX router.

Power Cycle the Router

Power cycling the router can also help you fix streaming issues with the WiFi router. It has been noticed that some people keep using their networking devices without considering the fact that every gadget needs rest for optimal performance. It looks like you have joined the same queue. Thus, without wasting any minute, you are suggested to power cycle the router. While doing so, ensure that your router rests for at least 30 minutes.

The Conclusion

This was all about how to fix Netgear R6700AX WiFi router streaming issues. We hope that the aforementioned solutions will bring you success in them. If they do not help you out, mind the distance between your router and modem. It must be very optimal.

But, what if even after taking every correct measure you fail to get the problem resolved? In that context, you are left with no solution other than resetting the wireless router to the default factory mode. The Reset button located on the router’s back panel will help you to do that. However, do not forget to install the router again after resetting it.

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