Proven Ways to Fix the Most Common Netgear Password Issues

We’ve become so habitual to the internet being readily available for surfing, streaming, and gaming that we even can’t think of living without it. If there is a loss of internet connection, your daily routine will become extremely disruptive. Though most Netgear router issues are easy to get fixed, there is a need to aware of the troubleshooting tips to do away with the WiFi glitches. In this write-up, we’ve covered the fixes to the most common issues related to Netgear routers. So, let’s delve in and check the tips that can help you make the most of your Netgear WiFi router.

How to Change Netgear Router SSID and Password?

This is one of the most common Netgear router issues faced by users around the world. You might be familiar with the fact that Netgear routers can be installed without any hassle by making use of the default username and password. However, to keep the device safe from potential threats, it is necessary to change the default credentials. If you are not able to make changes to the Netgear router SSID and password, then here’s how to do it.

  • – Launch a web browser on your computer and access the router login page by entering the default web address in the URL bar.
  • – Log in to your device by entering the default username and password.
  • – Reaching the dashboard of your WiFi router, navigate to Advanced > Administration settings.
  • – Locate the Change Username and Password option for the device.
  • – First type the old details and then set a new SSID and password for your Netgear router.
  • – You are advised to enable the password recovery feature for getting your password recovered in the future, just in case you forget it.
  • – Click the Apply button and let the changes to become effective.

How to Fix Netgear Default Password Not Working Issue?

First of all, cross-check whether you have used the right admin password for your Netgear WiFi router. If everything seems fine, turn off the third-party applications installed on your device and then try to access the login page. You are suggested to disable third-party apps because sometimes these applications may conflict with the settings of your router, resulting in no internet connectivity.

How to Reset Netgear Password?

If you want to reset the password of your Netgear WiFi router, then here’s how to do it.

  • – On your computer or mobile, launch a web browser that is up-to-date.
  • – Once done, access portal.
  • – Select the Forgot Password option.
  • – As soon as you make your selection, you will be asked to enter the email address that you used to make your Netgear account.
  • – After filling the email ID details into the respective field, click Submit.
  • – You will receive a Netgear password reset email on the ID you entered.
  • – Access your email account and hit the link given in the email to change your Netgear password.
  • – You will then be requested to enter your new password.
  • – Mention the same and hit the Submit button to make all the changes effective.

This is how you can reset the password of your Netgear router.

Wrapping Up

This is all about how to fix issues related to Netgear password. Just in case you still can’t access the dashboard of your router due to password or login issues, feel free to get in touch with our technical experts for immediate assistance.

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