Netgear Router WiFi Works but Not Ethernet Issue

Netgear Router WiFi Works but Not Ethernet Issue [Quick Fixes]

Though there is hype about using an Ethernet cable to connect networking devices, it has proved to be less reliable as compared to a wireless source these days. More than sixty-five percent of people owning Netgear routers are facing the same issue. To be specific, they are experiencing the Netgear router WiFi works but not Ethernet issue.

By any chance, if you too are worried about the same, then the techniques outlined and explained in this post will be fruitful for you. Bearing this in mind, you should not waste even a single second more prior to reading the information given below. Before proceeding, know that all solutions might not help you out because we are not aware of how serious the problem is for you. But, we sure can say that at least two of them will.

Netgear Router WiFi Works but Not Ethernet [Reasons]

There can be tons of reasons why you are experiencing the issue at hand. There could be an issue with the Ethernet cable, the hardware of the router, or maybe a minor technical glitch. So, the first thing that you need to do is to identify why you are reading this blog post. Once that is done, you can focus on the solutions mentioned below.

Netgear Router WiFi Works but Not Ethernet Issue [Fixes]

1. Restart the Netgear WiFi Router

As mentioned above, a minor technical glitch can cause the Netgear router WiFi works but not Ethernet issue. To be sure of the same, it is recommended that you check if everything is in place, including the condition of the Ethernet cable and hardware of the router. In case, it is, indeed this glitch is the reason why you are here.

Taking this into account, you need to restart your router. It is a one-stop solution to get rid of glitches and also resolve issues related to By the way, this fix does not just apply to routers but devices of all brands. So, restart your device by disconnecting it from its socket, holding on for some time, and then connecting it back to its socket.

2. Time to Purchase a New Ethernet

In case the last troubleshooting tip did not help you to resolve the Netgear router WiFi works but not Ethernet issue, it is advised that you buy a new Ethernet cable. We are assuming that it is damaged. Before bringing the new cable to your house, make sure that it is not damaged, i.e. it should not have any cuts.

Apart from this, ensure that only a finger-tight connection is being established by you. Leaving loose ends will force you to continue to face the Netgear router WiFi works but not Ethernet issue. See if this works for you. By any chance, in case you are still not able to make amends with the issue in debate, continue reading.

3. Bring the Ethernet Back to Life

You should know that some Ethernet cables come with a built-in sleep feature. This means that when you are not using your computer or laptop for that matter, the efficiency of the Ethernet cable reduces. This is another reason why you are facing the Netgear router WiFi works but not Ethernet issue.

In order to bring your Ethernet back to life, you should take our advice and unplug the cable. Re-plug the cable after waiting for 20 seconds. Repeat this procedure a couple of times. Once you are done completing this process, your Ethernet will work towards establishing an internet network.

Final Thoughts

This ends the guide written on how to resolve the Netgear router WiFi works but not Ethernet issue. Although you will be able to put an end to it with the aid of the tips mentioned above, by any chance, if you are not able to, then it means that there is something wrong with your router itself.

In this case, you need to do the obvious, i.e. get the original router replaced. For this, you need to step out of your house and go to the same place from you purchased the router. In case the router is beyond replacement considering the warranty has expired, then it is recommended that you get your hands on a new one. Make sure that you get the latest model of Netgear wireless router.

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