Netgear Firewall [Everything There is to Know About It]

Netgear Firewall [Everything There is to Know About It]

There are two reasons why this blog post has been penned down. First, we have tried to give the minds of tech geeks who are always lurking around in the search of something new in the market some peace and second, it is for the users who want to learn how to set up Netgear firewall rules on their NETGEAR DSL MODEM ROUTERS. In case you are amongst any of these categories, it is recommended that you continue reading.

What is Netgear Firewall?

Let us commence by helping you understand what a Netgear firewall is. You should know that it is a layer of security between your network and the internet. Considering a router is the primary connection, the function of the firewall is merged into this device. Taking this into account, every network ought to have a firewall to protect its privacy. Another thing that you should know about it is that it is a mixture of hardware and software.

To explain it more, the first part gives the firewall a top-notch performance whereas the second part permits it to attend to your specified needs.

What More to Know About Netgear Firewall?

  1. The features of Netgear firewall vary from model to model. For example, expensive products have more advanced features of firewalls than cheap ones.
  2. Some other products like WINDOWS XP are known to create software firewalls. They try to apply security to your network that other firewalls might not accept.
  3. A Netgear firewall might or might not secure your home network against every attack. We named two positive things about it, this one is negative.

How to Set Up Firewall Rules on Netgear DSL Modem Router?

  1. Load a web or internet browser on your laptop. Make sure that it is not only upgraded but also clean from browsing history, cookies, and cache.
  2. Go to the address bar of your internet browser in use and enter either the web or the IP address, proceeding by pressing the Enter key.
    For your information, the web address that needs to be used is and the IP address is For the same, read the information given in the manual.
  3. Once the login window comes into view, it is recommended that you enter the user name and the admin login password to go about the process further.
  4. The username of the router is admin by default and the password is password. Avoid inserting them with the CAPS LOCK key on as they are case-sensitive.
  5. Soon the BASIC HOME SCREEN will appear. Locate the left navigation pane. Once you are done, under the SECURITY section, click the FIREWALL RULES option.
  6. You ought to know that on older devices, the menu is called CONTENT FILTERING. This means that if you are using an older modem router, the option would be this.
  7. Click the ADD button for an outbound or inbound service for that matter. Select a SERVICE from the list. If it is not listed, you ought to define a customized service:
    – Enter a NAME for the new service.
    – Select the TYPE of the protocol that the service is known to use.
    – Enter the STARTING PORT as well as the ENDING PORT.
    – Click the SAVE button.
  8. Select an ACTION to take for the packets of the service. Thereafter, enter the IP address of the device or server on your LAN in the send to LAN server field.
  9. This will help you to receive the inbound or outbound traffic covered. Select a WAN USERS option to determine which packets will get covered by the rule.
    ANY: All IP addresses will be covered by this rule.
    ADDRESS RANGE: IP address but in a specified range will be under the rule.
    SINGLE ADDRESS: Only one particular IP address will be covered.
  10. Select a Log option to determine which packets are covered by this are logged. Once done, hit Save and wait for your settings to get saved.
Avoid skipping even one step while setting up the firewall rules on the Netgear DSL modem router. In case you do not remember to do this, then trust us when we say this, nothing will stop you from inviting technical issues to the table. Also, read the instructions slowly so that you can find it easy to process them.


This ends the blog post written on what a Netgear firewall is and how you can set up its rules on the Netgear DSL modem router. We hope that you gained enough knowledge regarding this topic. In case you are keen on becoming aware of similar topics, it is advised you visit this website often as here, in its blog section, you will always find something new and informative to satisfy your brain. Do not believe us? Come next time and see.

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