My Netgear Router WiFi is Not Working. How to Fix the Issue?

“I recently brought a Netgear router into my house and set it up. But, despite achieving Netgear extender setup success, my Netgear router WiFi is not working on my devices that are accessing it. What is that? Did I do something wrong? How can I fix the issue?”

Does this query seem similar to yours? Nodding your head in yes? Well then, look no further than this post. Here, we have highlighted the topmost hacks through which the issue at hand can be resolved. But, before we help you to fix the issue, we would like to shed light on what might have caused it. For that, you need to continue reading.

Why is Netgear Router WiFi Not Working?

Here are the topmost factors contributing to the Netgear router WiFi not working issue:

  • Technical glitches are the most common reason behind the issue at hand.
  • The Ethernet connection between the networking devices is weak.
  • Your system is infected with viruses or other malicious software.
  • There is too less distance between the router and the modem.
  • Your router’s signals are getting interrupted or blocked.

Now that you are aware of the troubleshooting hacks that have caused the ‘my Netgear router WiFi is not working’ issue, you can go through the following section to fix it.

My Netgear Router WiFi is Not Working? Tips to Fix!

Note: Before you get down to the hacks, install antivirus software on your system and see if it works for you. In case it does not, then you can follow all the hacks after all.

1. Power Cycle the Netgear Router

As mentioned above, the number one reason why you are experiencing the ‘my Netgear router WiFi is not working’ issue is because of technical glitches. Earlier, it was unknown to the specialists how these glitches can be eliminated, but our experts have found a solution. And that solution requires you to power cycle your Netgear router.

You can power cycle your router by simply powering it off, waiting for some time, and then, powering it back on. Now, try to access and check if the issue at hand has been resolved. In case, you are still stuck with it, then you should walk through the next troubleshooting hack.

2. Check the Ethernet Connection

Have a look at the Ethernet cable through which you have connected the Netgear router and the existing modem. In case it is worn out, then it is a sign that you ought to replace it with a new one. That can be done if you get out of your house as well as your comfort zone.

Once you have connected your networking devices using the new cable, ensure that the connection is finger-tight. Apart from that, ensure that the Ethernet ports on both devices are not damaged.

3. Move the WiFi Devices Away

Too less distance between the Netgear router and the existing modem can force the signals emitted from them to clash and cause the ‘my Netgear router WiFi is not working’ issue. Thus, it is recommended that create some distance between the devices.

This time, try to access the IP address of your device, i.e. and check again if the ‘my Netgear router WiFi is not working’ issue has climbed off of your back. On the off chance, you are still experiencing it, it looks like your time to stop reading this blog has not come yet.

4. Keep Signal Interference at Bay

Another thing that can be done from your end to troubleshoot the ‘my Netgear router WiFi is not working’ issue is to relocate your Netgear wireless router. While doing so, ensure that cordless phones, treadmills, televisions, microwave ovens, fish tanks, refrigerators, baby monitors, and mirrors are not kept near it.

We are suggesting this because such things can interfere with the signals of your device thereby causing technical issues, similar to the one that you are experiencing.


The ‘my Netgear router WiFi is not working’ issue has ruined the internet-usage experience of many users out there. Considering you are one of them, we hope that you were able to resolve it with the help of the hacks mentioned above.

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