Your Netgear Router As a 4G Router

Is There a Way to Use Your Netgear Router As a 4G Router?

In case you are standing amongst those users who are try to get an answer to “Can you use your Netgear router as a 4G router or not via” then know that the answer is a big NO. The reason being, the Netgear Nighthawk 4G router, for example Nighthawk M1, works with a SIM, but a regular router does not. Hence, you cannot use your Netgear router as a 4G router. But, we can teach you how to set up a 4G router. For this, read on.

What Prior to Setup?

Right before you get down to the setup process, it is recommended you become aware of what the color of the LED depicts and other related info.

LED Status

Slow Amber Blink The Netgear 4G router is not ready to be used.
Fast Amber Blink The wireless router is transferring data right now.
Slow Blue Blink You can now use the networking device.

Power Key

Turn On the Router Press and then hold the power key for about three seconds.
Turn Off the Router Hold the power key after pressing it for five seconds.
Wake the Router Release the power key quickly after hitting it.

No Way to Use Netgear Router as a 4G Router

Discussed in this section are the steps that you need to go through to learn how you cannot use Netgear router as a 4G router, but can install a 4G router instead.

1. Unpack the Netgear 4G Router

Commence the setup process by packing the 4G router. Along with the router, you will find other contents. They include a quick start guide, an AC adapter, a USB type-cable, warranty card, and battery. Ensure that you unpack the device with care. If even one part gets damaged, then you will get stuck with setup issues very soon.

2. Check the SIM Card and Insert Battery

Prior to starting, make sure that the power to the 4G router is off. Once assured, remove the cover on the bottom of the router. Place your thumbs on the arrows on the cover. Done? Good. Now, press down gently while sliding the cover up. It is recommended that you do not rush through the process unnecessarily.

Have a look inside and see if a micro SIM card was inserted into the slot for the SIM card. In case it was not, then you ought to carefully slide the micro SIM into its slot. As soon as you are done with this, insert the battery, but only after aligning the battery connectors. Also, if you bought a micro SD card, then locate the SD slot and insert the card by the same name.

3. Download the Netgear Mobile App

The next step in line is to download the Netgear mobile application. With the aid of this app, you will be able to change the WiFi network name as well as the password of your networking device. Along with this, you can put it to use to not just play and share media, but to also enable the travel router feature.

In order to download the application, you need to make your way to the store of your device. But, prior to that, you should make sure that your mobile device has access to the internet. Once done, do what was said in the first line of this paragraph by going to the website Wait for the application to get installed.

4. Power on the Mobile Router

Locate the power button on the router, press and hold it for more than three seconds. Want to view the WiFi name as well as the password? Yes? Well then, press and release the power button to toggle through the 4G router LCD displays. Now, continue reading, and become aware of what needs to be done to set up the 4G router.

5. Establish a WiFi Connection

Now, check to make sure that the WiFi button is enabled on your device. Once assured, it is suggested that you search for the WiFi networks. Select the network name displayed on the screen of the 4G router. Enter the password in the same manner as it is given on the screen. Now, all you need to do is, wait for your devices to connect.

The Bottom Line

We are ending this blog post by not answering the “Can you use your Netgear router as a 4G router or not?” question but also by providing you the steps for the alternative, i.e. how to set up the Netgear 4G router. We are expecting that you liked reading this blog. To learn about what to do after configuring the 4G device, it is recommended you go through the information given in the manual. Starting from the specifications of your device to the various features you can enable, you will find everything.

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