Enable UPnP on Netgear Router

How to Enable UPnP on Netgear Router

Network connectivity is simplified with the use of UPnP, or Universal Plug and Play. When UPnP is enabled, devices on the network may automatically learn about the services offered by other UPnP-capable devices. In this blog post, we detail the procedures that must be carried out to successfully enable UPnP on Netgear router. So, immediately start reading.

How Enabling UPnP on Netgear Router Can Benefit You?

There is no doubt that UPnP is useful. When used with software and devices like game consoles, it shortens the time required for initial setup. UPnP allows the Xbox to talk with the router directly to create those exceptions rather than requiring the user to manually enter the router’s settings and enable various ports for the Xbox to connect to the internet.

Using printers and other devices that depend on communication with other devices on your network and the internet is made easier with Universal Plug and Play. For example, if your remote access tool communicates using TCP/IP, you’ll need to ensure those ports are accessible from outside your network. UPnP makes this a breeze.

A malicious computer may, for instance, pretend to be a printer to trick your router into opening a port for it using the UPnP protocol. In this way, the router will comply, creating a channel via which the hacker may install malware, steal data, etc.

Being able to open individual ports is convenient, but it also makes the system less secure if an attacker manages to circumvent it. When employing UPnP, you also put yourself in danger of distributed denial of service (DDoS) assaults.

Steps to Enable UPnP on Netgear Router

1. Connect the Netgear Router

Let us begin the process by going over the fundamentals. Plug your Netgear wireless router into a wall socket. After some time has passed, push the router’s power button. This will activate the device.

2. Connect the Networking Equipment

Take hold of an Ethernet cable after you’ve confirmed that your Netgear router is getting sufficient power from the wall socket. A cable is required for connecting your networking devices. The router and modem are the two most common network devices. Simply ensure that the wire is securely attached to both devices’ ports.

3. Launch a Web Browser

Which system do you typically employ? Is it a desktop or a laptop? Open it, whatever one it is. Once done, launch your preferred browser.

It makes no difference what web browser you use to enable UPnP on Netgear router as long as it is up to date.

4. Navigate to the Default Web Address

Locate the web address bar or URL field at the top of the browser. Double-click it. The cursor will begin to blink after a few seconds. That indicates that you should put the default web URL, www.routerlogin.net, into the address bar. Are you finished with that? Good. Now, either hit the Enter key on your keyboard or click the Enter button on your screen.

5. Log in to Netgear Router

By pressing the Enter key, you will be sent to the official Netgear wireless router login page. You must now enter the administrator login credentials. Fill out the relevant fields if you did not update your device’s default login information.

Fill in those data instead of the default ones if you changed the username and password. When you’re through with this step, click the Log In button. The BASIC Home screen will appear.

6. Choose the UPnP option

Look for the Advanced or Settings button on the main interface. Once discovered, choose it and go to the Advanced Setup > UPnP tab. Turn on UPnP by checking the box. Following that, click the Save button.

The IP address of each device that connects to the Netgear router will be shown in the UPnP Portmap Table. It is advised that you click the Update button to refresh the information on the UPnP Portmap table.

You now know how to manually enable UPnP on Netgear router. To prevent problems during the procedure, it is suggested that keep smart home products away from your router.


We are closing this article intending to have assisted you in learning how to enable UPnP on Netgear router. Although you will be able to complete the procedure without hassle, it is recommended that you contact our technical professionals if you encounter any problems. Contacting them will undoubtedly be beneficial to you.

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